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Where’s Western?

Attending any of the following industry events taking place in March?

• Oklahoma City, OK – OCAPL Meeting & Luncheon (March 4th)
• Columbus, OH – OOGA Annual Meeting (March 6th – 9th)
• Columbus, OH – WEN Ohio “Meet the Board” (March 7th)
• Tulsa, OK – TAPL Meeting (March 11th)
• Casper, WY – WAPL Networking (March 11th)
• Washington, PA – The Great Gathering Event (March 20th)
• Tulsa, OK – TAPL Educational Luncheon (March 21st)
• Traverse City, MI – AAPL Due Diligence Seminar (March 22nd)
• Aurora, CO – WEN National Conference (March 27-29th)

Western is! Let us know if you are interested in connecting – we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project needs!

#WheresWestern #LandEnergyPeople

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