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Why WLS?

WLS harbors a flexible, stimulating work environment that is family-oriented and recognized for employees who work hard, not because they have to, but because they want to. If you walk into any one of our offices, you will be greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes – a direct testament to the positive culture that epitomizes WLS. Hard work and dedication is noticed and rewarded, through advancement and monetary incentives. As an Employee Owned Company, our employees also have the ability to share in the financial rewards of ownership. It is our ultimate goal to ensure each and every employee never feels that what they are doing is a menial task, but rather an important contribution to overall organizational success.

As a member of our team, you get to experience:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Bi-annual Performance Reviews
  • Annual Bonus Program
  • Generous Benefit Package for Full Time Employees
    • Paid Holidays & Vacation
    • BCBS Health Insurance & Supplemental Insurances available at group rates
    • HSA & 401k Accounts
  • Wellness Program
  • Travel Opportunities, Both Short Term & Long Term
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Continued Education and Cross Training Opportunities
  • Company Events:  Golf Outings, Christmas Parties, Employee Appreciation
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Job Openings

Currently, WLS is actively searching for qualified individuals to fill positions in our corporate, regional, and field offices for various positions, including: Title Examiners, Land Agents, GIS Specialists, and Administrative.

Whether you have experience in the oil and gas industry or find our work intriguing and are up for a new challenge, we welcome your inquiries. If interested in becoming a part of our team, please explore our job openings in more detail using the link below, where you can submit your application and resume in relation to careers of interest.

Click here to apply

Notice to 3rd Party Recruiters

Career Paths

Land Agents

Enjoy interacting with individuals? Are you known for your charisma, professionalism, and persuasive personality? Our land agents are tasked with negotiating rights for oil and gas leases, pipeline ROW, and other permissions on property within project areas and parameters defined by clients. Among their primary responsibilities are:

  • Meeting with landowners either at his/her property or another agreed upon location
  • Educating landowners, consortium groups, and others on advantages of oil & gas exploration
  • Establishing trust and rapport with landowners to facilitate negotiations and positive working relationships
  • Explaining projects to landowners including expectations, procedures, timing, and financial arrangements
  • Providing reports to Project Managers and clients on contact details and status of negotiations

GIS Specialist

Interested in an engaging career, applying your GIS skills to the dynamic oil and gas industry? Our GIS Specialists use the latest technology to collect, manage, interpret, and utilize GIS data from a variety of sources for an assortment of applications in the oil and gas industry. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Locate, map, attribute, and track parcels, leases, drilling units, ROW, etc.
  • Understand and apply basic cartographic principles
  • Utilize available data to create accurate, inclusive reports and high quality maps
  • Coordinate geometry and decipher legal descriptions
  • Retrieve, read, and interpret information from technical sources
  • Interdepartmental collaboration across multiple disciplines – providing support to clients, project managers, title examiners, land agents, lease analysts, and others

Title – Abstracting – Curative – Due Diligence

Interested in history? Love the challenge of unraveling puzzles? Are you consumed by getting it right? WLS has a career for you – imagine the excitement you will experience reading an original colonial land grant! Careers relating to Title involve searching and analyzing public records in order to find, examine, and evaluate documents related to mineral and property ownership. These careers require amazing attention to detail and do not require previous title experience, though formal education as an Attorney or Paralegal is strongly desired. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Reading and interpreting maps and documents to obtain and understand legal property descriptions & agreement stipulations
  • Conveying accurate, detailed research results to clients
  • Utilizing Microsoft Office Software including Outlook, Word, and Excel to generate regular reports and communications
  • Some positions require lengthy travel and overnight commitments to complete projects


Intrigued by genealogy? Enjoy detective or investigative work? Our Heirship specialists are tasked with researching and locating missing heirs, beneficiaries, etc. to support title and acquisition efforts. Quite the challenge, so patience, logic, and strategy are imperative to success.

Responsibilities include:

  • Performing search inquires – consulting up to 20 Internet Resources, including genealogical subscriptions (i.e. Lexis Nexis), historical societies, newspapers, libraries, and courthouses
  • Supplying documentation to establish identities
  • Communicating with landowners regarding sensitive information
  • Potentially negotiating and securing leases with identified heirs/beneficiaries


Are you a licensed surveyor? Looking to join a growing team? Our surveyors are highly motivated and extremely accurate, producing reliable, consistent results for clients. Land surveyors are responsible for taking exact measurements and creating legal property boundaries for roads, pipelines, facility sites, and other related items. From well pad surveying to environmental surveying, our surveyors are diverse in their skills and support every stage of the oil & gas development process.

Accountabilities include:

  • Performing an assortment of surveys – pipeline / utility as-built, topographic, roadway, well site, etc.
  • Utilization of latest surveying equipment / technology
  • Lengthy field work & overnight obligations a strong possibility

CAD Specialist

Interested in bringing your CAD experience or education to the oil and gas industry? Our CAD specialists are tasked with preparing detailed and accurate drawings, designs, and reports based on data brought in by our surveying department. This may involve developing well pad plats, right of way plats, alignment sheets, As-Drilled and As-Built drawings, and more.


Administrative – Processing

Have a keen attention to detail? Do you pride yourself on your coordination and organizational skills? Also referred to as Document or Database Specialists, our Processors are responsible for preparation, custody, review, and accuracy of all documents and are charged with processing and managing all field data in coordination with land agents to ensure it is of high quality and error free.

  • Preparation of mass mailings, forms, and various reports
  • Document prep, review, filing, and recording
  • Provides quality control measures
  • Works closely with land agents, GIS, title review, curative, etc.


With a large workforce, multiple offices, and an expansive client base, WLS requires a robust Accounting Department to support all of its endeavors, especially to keep up with state-specific rules and regulations. Positions may involve:

  • Generating client invoices
  • Reconciling financial accounts
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Processing bills and invoices
  • Processing contractor 1099s
  • Answering questions about payroll, billing, invoices, etc. from staff & clients
  • Generating expense and financial reports
  • Reviewing billing entries for all employees and contractors and resolving issues
  • Monitoring outstanding invoices for collections

Human Resources

Looking for a challenging career to test your human resources skills? Being a land brokerage company like we are, you will not be disappointed. At WLS, it is not unusual for staffing needs to change at a moment’s notice – we may acquire a new project requiring 20 title specialists within a short period of time, and it is your responsibility to fill that need, be it shifting individuals from another project that is slowing down or pooling from all your resources to quickly locate high quality individuals to fill those positions. Accordingly, our HR staff need to be resourceful, responsive, optimistic, and energetic to respond to our ever-changing staffing needs for ten offices nationwide. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining job requirements and job descriptions, as well as an employee benefit program
  • Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable HR federal and state requirements
  • Recruiting – job fairs, posting ads
  • Preparation and updating of HR policies
  • Conducting screenings and interviews (in person or remotely via phone)
  • Conducting orientation and training programs, as well as educate staff on HR related matters

Project Manager

WLS is continually looking for quality Project Managers, whom have the experience, energy, and leadership skills to successfully manage projects on our client’s behalf. Serving as liaison between WLS and the client, it is of the utmost important to maintain a strong working relationship and to ensure all client requirements are being adhered to. The Project Manager must develop strategies in relation to client deadlines, budgets, objectives, and other parameters. Charged with overseeing all staff and workflows involved with the project, our project managers must be able to anticipate obstacles and staffing needs to ensure smooth completion or growth of the project. Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a positive, professional relationship with client
  • Delivering best in class, quality products and services
  • Oversee workflows and staffing to assess needs on all levels
  • Coordination between all necessary parties (GIS, Land Agents, Title, Processing, etc.)
  • Monitor deadlines, specific project goals, invoices, and overall project progress
  • Report regularly to client and Director of Land