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Do you need assistance tracking down lost heirs? WLS offers the resources and experience to help you successfully find individuals.  Tasked with locating missing heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, and legatees on your behalf, our heirship department performs search inquires and provides legal and supplementary documentation to establish identities of these missing individuals, alive or deceased. Supported by a highly qualified team of genealogical research professionals, and the use of proprietary software designed specifically for such investigations, WLS joins traditional sources of heirship research with new and improved methods to offer a superior solution to our client’s heirship needs.  The department is not only limited to genealogical needs. It also provides complementary call center acquisition capabilities for cost saving measures. Once the missing heir is located, let us carry out the next step on your behalf as well.

WLS Heirship research includes:

  • Ownership Rights
    • Direct contact search for current demographics
    • Identify and locate missing heirs/beneficiaries
    • Affidavit of Heirship
    • Obtain records to prove heirship
    • Forensic genealogy
    • Verification of third party heirship research
  • Real Estate
    • Direct contact search for current demographics
    • Locate surviving/estranged family