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Do you have a project requiring title examination or abstracting under a tight deadline or in a difficult area? WLS has a depth of Title services, trademarked by quick turnaround and accurate results, but customized to the various needs of each industry, be it Oil & Gas, Renewables, Real Estate, Right-of-Way, and more. Our examiners, many of whom are cross-trained in Abstracting and Due Diligence, are multifaceted and prepared to handle title projects of all sizes. The team is also comprised of licensed attorneys, knowledgeable in energy law, family law, and business law. Benefits of our services:

  • National workforce to run title wherever your needs are
  • Surface & mineral searches, tailored to client specifications
  • Searches include taxes, liens, judgements, and encumbrances
  • Customized reports and other deliverables
  • Ability to offer per tract pricing, with more aggressive cost estimates based on increased volume
  • Collaboration with law firms and 3rd party attorneys
  • Competitive costs as a result of utilizing technology to maximize search efficiency
  • Versed in private (commercial and residential), State, BLM, BIA, and other regulated lands
  • Ability to provide and integrate related support services, such as heirship, curative, GIS, and BPO/administrative functions