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Serving a multitude of industries, WLS offers an expansive portfolio of services, has developed a nationwide footprint of expertise and maintains a large and active presence across the country, allowing us to mobilize and achieve results quickly. From full project management to individual and industry specific support services, the WLS team brings LAND, ENERGY & PEOPLE together executing every project with the enthusiasm, integrity and expertise it deserves.

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Renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source in the United States and globally! Among energy sources, solar and wind are considered some of the safest ways to generate electricity releasing nearly zero greenhouse emissions during their operation. Investing in a community solar project, a utility scale solar project or wind farm? Look no further than WLS to support your needs and yield the results you are looking for. With over two decades of experience working on renewable projects across the nation, and a dedicated Renewables Division, we are well positioned to handle your full land campaign and development needs from GIS target site identification, to site control acquisition, to BPO / administrative support, and coordination of title alongside national underwriters. Let us bring the bandwidth and solidify your plans so you can focus on growth of your overall portfolio!




Oil and natural gas are major commodities in the energy market and play an influential role in the global economy as the world’s primary fuel sources. The processes and systems involved in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly complex and require committed and experienced personnel. WLS has been servicing the Oil & Gas industry for over 45 years, offering a one stop shop for all things land to an assortment of organizations in this sector. Whether you are a mineral/royalty buying organization, E&P, Non-Op, Law Firm, Investment Firm, or midstream company, WLS can help expand and strengthen your infrastructure and assets throughout the United States.


The real estate market can be volatile, just like energy markets. Finding ways to stay competitive in a complex industry means implementing strategies that not only deliver the best results, but ones that minimize risk and increase efficiency. Understanding how to navigate intricate title flow is critical in this space. WLS clients and partners appreciate our knowledge of land (both surface and subsurface) and our ability to handle the unique needs of the residential, commercial and industrial real estate sectors. Known for quick mobilization, turnaround time, and navigating complex real estate transactions, our team offers an assortment of services tailored to the real estate industry, including title, BPO/administrative support, GIS/mapping, and more.


Utilities (water, electricity and gas) are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development. Now more than ever, the utilities industry is seeing the growing need to work collaboratively to share best practice and harness innovative solutions for today’s consumer. The challenges of staying cost-effective in this stiffly competitive and quickly evolving market can seem overwhelming, but WLS will ensure your project is completed on time, within budget and to your ultimate satisfaction, helping you build strong relationships with government agencies and the community at large.


The need for connectivity and infrastructure continues to grow across the United States, whether it relates to transportation, energy distribution and transmission, fiber and utility accessibility, or other resources. WLS has performed right of way services for over 45 years for various organizations in need of acquiring, managing or transferring land rights for new construction, infrastructure replacement projects, or assessment / auditing requirements. As industry veterans, we understand the importance of maintaining amicable relationships between landowners and our clients, especially under FERC guidelines. Regardless of project type or geographic region, WLS is the go-to for all things land when it comes to your right-of-way needs.



Proper management of natural resources is key to long term sustainability. WLS offers a suite of services conducive to organizations managing land, water, timber, hard minerals and other natural resources to best maximize their collection and use while minimizing negative effects to the environment. Our knowledgeable team can assist in tracking timber harvests in the Pacific Northwest, performing title on timberland transactions in the Northeast, negotiating water rights in the Southwest, mapping mineral deposits in Appalachia or anything in between!



Federal, State and local government has become increasingly involved in overseeing policies that affect the outcomes of how energy is produced, transported and consumed. Collaborating with Federal, State and Municipal agencies and understanding policies, programs and regulations are key to running a successful project. The WLS team has collectively worked with a multitude of local, State and Federal agencies across the county; including the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Departments of Defense, Interior, Transportation and Environmental Protection. In addition to collaborating alongside government agencies for the benefit of our clients’ projects, we also offer a robust portfolio of services directly to government agencies for their own internal needs, including GIS, BPO/administrative support, professional consulting services, and other specialized support functions whether it involves land, data, industry knowledge or human capital!

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