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Western Land Services has a proven track record of successfully navigating the challenges and necessary synergy of our clients’ projects within the permitting, compliance and regulatory facets of the oil and gas development arena. WLS has assisted in the progression of thousands of drilled wells and many miles of constructed right of way. The following showcases our proficiency and contributions towards our client’s plans of development:

  • Seasoned team of experts well versed in all aspects of permitting, state regulations and compliance needs
  • Tackling split estate laws in multiple states to allow for line of sight well planning in difficult land negotiations
  • Hundreds of wells permitted in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin in 2018 by virtue of surface owner waivers granted to operators
  • Proactive continuous research of regulatory changes
  • Collaboration with the BLM and State Offices for lease acquisitions, parcel nominations and suspensions
  • Well locations across multiple counties and states planned in the Rocky Mountain Region, including BLM Notice of Staking and “on sites”
  • Operator’s representative for BLM On Site of planned locations
  • DOT HWY/Interstate crossing permits
  • AFMSS navigation for filing Federal APD’s
  • Liaison between Council Representative and operator
  • Highly reputable profession case testimony throughout drilling and operations
  • Continuous compliance education as to state commission regulations (OCC, NDIC, COGCC, WOGCC)
  • Experienced staffing in permit notification process
  • Section line and county road crossing permits
  • Successful navigation of leasing and right of way acquisition on Tribal and other lands under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • US Army Corp of Engineer permitting
  • SF-299 and other US Forest Service permitting
  • NEPA and EA project management and review