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The knowledge and expertise of Team WLS, coupled with the efficiencies of our Project Management Platform (Compass) and network of acquisition agents, has allowed for the successful acquisition of over 10 million acres across the country in support of various industries, including Renewable, Oil & Gas, Right of Way, and Utility projects. In the field, our land agents work with enthusiasm and professionalism to skillfully negotiate and secure assets on your behalf, while addressing landowner concerns and complying with government regulations to maintain good standing relationships with all invested stakeholders. We also have 15+ years of experience arranging and overseeing mass signings, the largest of which contributed to acquiring over 47,000 gross acres for a single project. It is results like these that have earned us the reputation of a best in class land service provider. WLS realizes that time is precious and windows of opportunities are short-lived during the procurement stage of any acquisition project. Our prompt mobilization skills, comprehensive resources & experience, and swift negotiation abilities allow us to produce results during these critical stages of the development process.

Professional acquisition services, available at your request, include:

  • Project Management
  • Surface negotiations & acquisition
  • Subsurface and mineral negotiations & acquisition
  • Option, lease or purchase acquisition
  • Access roads & easement acquisition
  • Private, State, Federal and BIA nominations and leasing
  • Mass lease signings
  • Town site leasing
  • Drilling unit infill leasing
  • Facility site acquisition
  • Various support services are available to ensure the success of any acquisition project, including GIS, Title, Curative, and BPO / administrative services