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Are complex curative issues taking too long to resolve or slowing down the title process? At WLS, we have a designated curative department devoted to researching and resolving curative issues at all stages of the title process.

Our highly skilled and experienced team has cured Drilling Title Opinions and worked with Division Order Title Opinions in over 15 states nationwide, curing over 1,500 title opinions in Appalachia alone over the past two years. Fine-tuned processes for obtaining Mortgage Subordinations and tracking down unleased interest provide efficient solutions for common title opinion requirements. A dedicated team for lease title curative allows our title and lease processing departments to focus on their core tasks and promotes uniformity and consistency throughout the curative process. With a team specialized in addressing curative issues, we undoubtedly streamline the entire title process.

From curative document preparation, to diligent tracking and follow-up, our curative staff deliver every time. Already well accomplished, this fairly new department is expected to play an integral role in the success of WLS moving forward.