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As you gear up for 2022 and would like to explore some new options or tools for oil and gas intel to assist you with your research or business development efforts, Western Land Services can help! Beyond our traditional delivery methods, WLS now offers up our competitor leasehold and unit data via COMPASS, our web based GIS platform. This user based delivery method enables access to the same granular, best in class product we have offered to the energy sector for the past decade, but at a much lower cost for your day to day needs. Contact us today at or through our website at We look forward to discussing your needs in more detail to determine if this could be a good solution for you!

WLS Due Diligence

Are you in the process of acquiring a project to add to your portfolio? Do you need assistance in reviewing files and confirming what assets the seller is purporting to own? Let Western Land Services assist you so you can feel confident in what you are purchasing. With over 40 years of dealing in acquisition & divestures, our experienced team can assist you on diligence for projects all across the country. WLS’ extensive history in due diligence projects includes, but is not limited to, work in the following sectors:

•            Pipeline
•            Utility
•            Oil & Gas
•            Wind
•            Solar
•            Timber

With our ability to mobilize staff quickly and efficiently, no project is too big or too small. Reach out to us to discuss how we can help on your current, or future, acquisition. Contact us today at, or visit our website at Also, be on the lookout for our ad in the September / October issue of Landman Magazine!


Is your list of back office tasks growing out of control? Are you buying or selling assets that could benefit from digitizing, auditing or onboarding into your systems? Are you dreading the 1099 season of mailings or have new 2021 projects kick starting that could benefit from having a dedicated, well versed administrative team? Western Land Services is your solution! Let our BPO Service division help you manage all of those tedious, but critical functions, so that you can focus on growth and strategy!


Any Project, Any Stage: Our experienced ROW team is ready to help with any project, including pipeline, electrical, utility, or renewables. As a fully integrated land services company Western Land has the bandwidth and experience to get the job done. From acquisition services of any kind to helping with due diligence, GIS and BPO support services, we’ve executed successful projects across the board. Contact us today to learn how Western Land can help your team!


Western Land Services, Inc., an employee owned business, has been bringing land, natural resources, and people together for over 45 years. WLS offers a suite of services conducive to private and public organizations in the timber industry, including forest service departments, timberlands holding companies, timber purchasing and harvesting outfits, and timber investors. Specifically, our Title, GIS, and Administrative services can bring added efficiencies to your ongoing operations and give you confidence in properties or assets you acquire or are looking to develop. Land is our specialty!! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help at, subject line: Timber!

WLS Endowed Land & Mineral Management

Are you an Institution of Higher Learning or Non-Profit organization that has been gifted land and/or mineral rights and are unfamiliar with how to maximize the value of these donations? Assessing and managing the property rights may be uncharted territory for your company. Don’t fear! Western Land Services, an employee owned firm, has 45+ years of proven results managing assets on behalf of our clients. Whether you need assistance onboarding land records into a software system, performing due diligence to confirm validity of the assets, negotiating agreements, verifying payments, or handling state/local compliance, WLS and its nationwide staff are ready to help your organization get the most out of these gifts . Contact us at, Subject line: Endowed Land Management, to learn more. You can count on Western!

WLS Solar Site Selection

Is your in-house team ramping up solar development efforts in existing and new markets but feeling the fatigue of inundation? Let Western Land’s GIS team alleviate that pain by outsourcing your site selection process, so that you can focus on other priorities, while we do the heavy lifting. Our team performs siting campaigns for both utility and community scale projects, applying criteria based on your regional and project specific needs. Whether your siting requirements are specific to limited areas of interest, or as expansive as countywide or statewide campaigns, contact us today at to achieve quality results under short order!


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