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Know the Facts Before You Close the Deal


Contemplating a joint-venture, acquisition, or divestiture? Need to execute an internal audit? There is nothing worse than carrying out a bad deal or not having a firm grasp on what you own because due diligence was overlooked or not executed properly.

Whether you are the buyer, seller, or law firm handling the transaction, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the assets at stake:

  • Producing Properties
  • Non-producing Properties
  • Pipeline and Gathering systems (Right-Of-Way Assets)

Sound due diligence will equip you with a full understanding of the value and defects for each asset, providing leverage and confidence in preparation of final closing.

Western Land Services, Inc. (WLS) prides itself on performing quality land due diligence of all varieties. Let our trained professionals, including licensed attorneys and certified CPL’s, help you thoroughly investigate proposed assets before a commitment takes place. Our specialized Due Diligence team is well versed in lease, title, and production review, with a wealth of experience providing inclusive results, under tight deadlines. With Heirship and GIS departments to support all endeavors, dedicated and attentive project managers, the ability to quickly mobilize large teams of skilled staff within a short period of time, and customized, in-house processes for cost-saving opportunities, we deliver on our best in class promise each and every time. Contact Steve Massie,, today to learn more about how we can service your due diligence needs.

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