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Enhanced Competitor Data Schema & Package Options

Over the course of the last year, Western Land Services (WLS) has engaged our Competitor Lease & Unit data clients, soliciting constructive feedback and suggestions on how to enhance the end user experience. THEY spoke and WLS listened.

Take a peek at a few database schema enhancements recently launched!

•Lease Status field moved to front of attribute table
•New field: OPT_EXP Currently, the E_DATE field identifies the expiration date of a lease. If the lease has been extended, it reflects the option exercised. In many regions, companies are not obligated to record extensions. This new field factors in options, forecasting all possible lease expirations.
•New field: TERM_E_DATE Identifies expiration date of term assignments.

WLS is committed to continual improvement and recognizes the importance of accommodating various client objectives. In addition to launching a new database schema, WLS offers three (3) competitor data packages based on budgetary and operational demands:

PREMIUM – The typical E&P solution, this option offers the full gamut of attributes including lease terms and corresponding pooling/unitization information.
MID-GRADE – Tailored to Midstream or Mineral buying companies, this option offers a scaled back version, while still incorporating assignment transactions and depth restrictions.
UNLEADED – Popular for scouting opportunities, this PDF map option provides a visual of lease and unit positions in conjunction with active wells and new permits.

Each package proposes a unique alternative depending on the level of business data intelligence required. For a full comparison of attributes available in each package, please contact us today at

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