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The Renewable Energy sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Among energy sources, solar and wind are some of the safest ways to generate electricity, with the added benefit of having no air or water emissions. North America is home to many regions suited for large scale renewable projects.

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With over two decades of experience working on a number of renewable projects across the United States (and over 45 years in other energy fields), WLS offers a suite of services dedicated to the renewables field, including: site selection analysis, site acquisition, document prep, payment, recording, and overall project management.

  • Using ArcGIS technology and consulting a variety of digital resources (parcels, zoning boundaries, environmental/cultural layers, electrical routes, etc.), our GIS team will use project criteria (acreage thresholds, landowner type, etc.) to identify prime site locations unique to your development needs.
  • Once target tracts are identified, WLS has the ability to perform mass mail-outs to landowners covering large geographic areas, engaging them in your project plans and soliciting their interest.
  • Our in-house remote land support team then has the ability to take it from there, researching and contacting landowners to set up meetings for local land agents to secure agreements in person; or, talking through project logistics and gaining approval via phone to expedite efforts and minimize travel expenses.


Investing in a Community Solar Project, a Utility Scale Solar Project or even a Wind Farm?  Look no further than WLS to support your needs and yield the results you are looking for.