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The Land Support Center is a hub for remote work that can greatly facilitate the land efforts of our clients.  Our in-house land professionals can maintain a call center, conduct a mass mail out and also perform acquisition functions, eliminating travel expenses for advanced cost savings. Here is just a small sample of how our Land Support Center can help in your land efforts:

  • Mail Outs- Entering a new area to lease? Have landowners along miles of pipeline that you have to contact?  WLS can prepare letters / packets, perform mass mail-outs, and serve as a point of contact 24/7.  Freeing up time for field staff to focus on getting documents signed.
  • Call Center- Whether it is answering questions in regards to a mail out, or cold calling in an Area of Interest to secure meetings or rights, our Land Support Center has years of experience in numerous Oil & Gas plays across the country.
  • Leasing Missing Heirs- Working hand in hand with our heirship department, we have had over a 60% success rate of generating a signed lease off an heirship search.  Over 2000 heirship searches have led to 6000+ Heirs Leased.
  • Leasing Absentee Owners- If numerous land owners in your AOI live out of state or have a second home for the winter, our knowledgeable Land Support Center can locate the individuals, make contact and negotiate an agreement on your behalf.
  • Expedited Document Preparation- Our staff has years of experience efficiently and accurately preparing Leases, Easements, Amendments, Affidavits and many other land related documents.