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Check out COMPASS, our webGIS based project management platform.

Are you looking for a reliable GIS team to support your project? Do you need readily available competitor lease data and/or maps to help you evaluate an area for expansion opportunities? Our sizeable GIS department provides all of the above and more. Recognized for high quality maps at industry trade shows, admired for responsiveness & attentiveness by clients, and acclaimed for comprehensive data products, our GIS department is best in class. From direct project support to third party lease data, we are here to deliver the excellence you deserve.

Project-Based GIS Services


Full Service Support

As a land brokerage firm, WLS fuels ALL of its service lines with GIS directly and through our Compass Platform. From traditional ROW, leasing, and title, to Heirship and Due Diligence, we equip our entire 150+ workforce with the knowledge and tools for optimal performance on the client’s behalf.

  • Customized Maps & Supplemental Files for Project Analysis
  • Interactive WebMaps
  • Presentation Maps
  • Database Design, Development, & Management for Client Assets

Leasing, Title, Abstracting Support

Our GIS department not only compiles research to help launch a project, but functions as quality control for ongoing project success. For Leasing, Title, & Abstracting we assist with:

  • Lease & Ownership Mapping
  • Project Layout, Topographical, Historic Overlay, Unit Proposition Maps & more…
  • Well & Production Checks
  • Report compilation throughout all phases of project for Internal & External use

Right of Way Support

Our GIS department has a team devoted entirely to ROW project support. We realize these projects can be ever-changing and have the patience, flexibility, and experience to provide the necessary stability for successful completion.

  • Proposed, Exhibit, & As-built Infrastructure Maps
  • Mapping & Tracking of routes, reroutes, survey permissions, ROW acquisition, surface restrictions, construction/reclamation, etc.
  • Creation & Maintenance of Line Lists
  • Report compilation throughout all phases of project for Internal & External use

Other Mapping Services

While supporting internal projects represents the bulk of work, we also independently contract GIS services to a spectrum of clients – not only Oil & Gas Exploration or Midstream companies, but investors, analysts, universities, county & state organizations, and more.

  • Asset mapping & management
  • Data conversion projects
  • Digitizing contours, railways, parcels, DPUs, and other spatial data
  • GIS Development (Workflow creation, web map design)
  • In-house support


To accomplish all we do, WLS ensures we have the necessary resources to carry out our duties effectively. Below are just a few of the resources at our disposal:

  • Esri ArcMap / ArcGIS Enterprise, Geocortex
  • Nationwide digital data (parcels, well/permit locations, storage fields, pipeline routes)
  • BIA, State & Federal Land Ownership
  • Cultural data (zoning, endangered species, conservation land, etc.)
  • Warrant, Historic, & Tax Maps


Using Esri ArcGIS for Server Technology and Geocortex software, our GIS department provides internet access to project maps and data in a secure, user-friendly forum. COMPASS, our WebGIS system, supports real-time data that can be accessed anywhere an internet connection exists, 24/7, by those granted necessary permissions. Even better – no GIS experience is needed. With the ability to extract data/reports, print maps, and monitor project progress, this interactive platform promotes improved decision making and project management on a whole new level.

Sample Map »


Competitor Data (Leasehold & Unit) Services

Nearly ten years ago, WLS seized the opportunity to provide an invaluable resource to the oil & gas industry at large – accurate & inclusive competitor lease data. Today, we have a sizeable in-house GIS team dedicated to maintaining over 150 counties, from Appalachia, to the Rockies, to Texas. Our business model is simple – produce the highest quality product on the market that we would use ourselves as a brokerage company.

Our master leasehold database is comprised of:

  • Over 2,000,000 leasehold records
  • More than 90,000,000 acres
  • Over 30,000 unit boundaries

What does this mean to you? From this database, we can readily produce shapefiles, maps, spreadsheets, and reports that will bring added value to your organization’s business development and operational goals, whether looking to jump start a new project or strengthen an existing one. Do not see coverage for a county you are interested in? No problem – we have  the ability to quickly mobilize and compile upon your request.

Let us now educate you on the process, deliverables, and advantages:


WLS’s competitor lease data is systematically compiled and methodically maintained. The premise – transforming leasehold documents, including leases, extensions, releases, amendments, assignments, unit declarations and more, into a GIS system for in depth analysis and multi-display options. The process at a glimpse:

  • Document Collection via physical or online courthouse system
  • Locating & Mapping documents via ArcGIS to generate leasehold layers
  • Retaining pertinent attributes (lessee, lessor, lease date, term, acres, depths, etc.)
  • Creation of supplemental possible hbp tracts & unit boundary layers


For each county or specified region of leasehold data, we offer a comprehensive data package:

  • Leasehold & Unit Shapefiles
  • Excel Files
  • Layer File Color Coding Top Lessees (In TX – a layer file for each attributed formation)
  • Leasehold PDF Map
  • Web map and feature services to consume via ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Regular Updates – Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly to evaluate ongoing activity


Our goal is to provide information you need to make educated, timely decisions in this highly competitive industry. Our datasets allow you to:

  • Locate open acreage or expiring leases for top leasing opportunities
  • Evaluate competitor leasehold for potential land swaps
  • Identify trends in royalties/terms/options being employed in a given area
  • Pinpoint lessees along proposed or existing pipeline routes to optimize infrastructure
  • Save time/money on data that is readily available instead of compiling on your own

Learn More

Want to learn more? Contact us today – we look forward to sharing more about how the data is compiled, the attributes we retain, and how the data can benefit your organization. We even offer:

  • In-House Demonstrations
  • Web Demonstrations
  • Sample datasets that you can evaluate independently