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In conjunction with our Title Department, our Abstracting department performs in-depth research in relation to proposed units, with extreme detail to verify the chain of title. The end result is comprised of digital abstracts for quick and convenient access to review every document relevant to the title chain, each being hyperlinked for immediate retrieval. This advanced method allows clients to effortlessly collect the information they need, better enables attorneys to write title opinions, and gives curative departments the ability to effectively prep curative documents. With all Abstracts available on one CD, file storage is decreased, and a complete back up on chain of title is created, that can be shared with staff as needed.

  • Certified Digital Abstracts (Surface, Mineral, or Coal)
  • Electronic or Hard Copy
  • Unit Maps, Historical Overlays, & Deed Plots
  • Customized reports & deliverables based on client request
  • Coordination with third party attorneys