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The Western Way is more than just a motto at Western Land Services. It’s a way of life. It is a promise to commit to every project with enthusiasm and expertise. It is an oath to exceed the expectations of our clients through our approach and results. It is a vow to roll up our sleeves to tackle challenges and actively pursue new opportunities. And, it is what makes WLS best in class.

Why are we best in class?

Because we PREP. We allocate the right People, Resources, and Experience to each and every project, in order to deliver superior Products and Services, each and every time.


People make a business what it is, and it is the hard-working people of WLS that make us best in class. Our people are known for their relentless work ethic, integrity, and positive, forward-thinking attitudes. Whether in the field or the office, the WLS team is extremely responsive to the needs of our clients, with an emphasis on consistency and quality.


Resources at WLS are truly immeasurable. Our resources empower us to be your one-stop shop. We invest in the latest technology and equip our people with the tools they need to provide a memorable experience for clients. With 8 offices strategically located across the US, a solid infrastructure, a state of the art project management platform (COMPASS), and an expansive portfolio of services, we bring the resources you need.


Experience in the industry is invaluable, and WLS brings a wealth of that, with over four decades under our belt and the combined experience of a 300+ workforce. Our intimate knowledge of and experience with prominent oil & gas plays throughout the nation allows WLS to represent its clients effectively, and has led to multiple projects lasting over 7 years.


Products and services offered through WLS are always customized to your needs, but share the common threads of quality and consistency. Using proven processes and the latest technology to expedite work, the end product represents a consistent, cost effective solution each and every time.

Let us show you the way – The Western Way.